About Openhagen

The story of Openhagen

In our brand "Openhagen" we wish to represent our Danish origin and the city in which our design, history, and identity are formed.

The key

The core of our business is built around a wish to bring more music and tranquility to people's lives and homes by creating beautiful and functional products. This mindset is visually expressed in our key symbol in the logo.

The slogan "Set the tone of your home" derives from our unyielding wish and mission statement, as music lovers ourselves, to bring more music and peaceful moments to your lives and homes by creating beautiful and functional products.


The Mission

A mission statement and reason for our existence and products are clear:

Openhagen is a premium Danish Brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing guitar accessories. We design guitar wall mounts, guitar stands, ukuleles, and headphone stands, and attachable for guitars and soon mandolins, violins, etc. We hope you'll play more, from minor to major, one note and one chord at a time. Stay tuned for more updates and new designs!

Our Values

The overall term deals with the love of music and a desire to help spread it and an acknowledgment of the human mind as a habit-forming entity. Our goal is to help you focus on the essentials and ease your daily habits by delivering functional products that become an aesthetic and integrated part of your home.

Convenient designs - happy notes

The key to learning new things is to make an effort every single day - even 15-20 minutes will do to achieve new learnings. Same goes for playing an instrument. We believe in the human mind as a habit-forming entity, which is why we want to help you keep your instrument close and at sight, encouraging you to play.

Supporting musical journeys

We are on an authentic mission to support musicians on their creative journey. Today, every product is characterised by a unique combination of functionality, timeless, Danish design, and love for the artistry of musical craftsmanship.