The decorative headphone stand (oak)

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StandByMe is a headphone stand that blends into any home. Besides clearing up space on your desk, it’s a safe place to store your headphones when not in use. The stand is made of one solid piece of wood with a supporting brass pillar. 

✓ Keep your headphones organized, safe and close to you

✓ Easy to install, steady and takes up minimal space 

✓ Intended to make you listen to more music

✓ In more than 1000 homes

✓ Original Danish design 


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Intended to make you listen to more music

By keeping your headphones organized, safe and close to you, you will end up using your headphone more.

StandByMe is in line with our mission to make it easier for people to listen to more music.

Original Danish design & the Perfect gift idea

✓ Fits most headphones

✓ Made of solid wood with a brass pillar​

✓ Comes in three different types of wood

Dimensions: 29 x 11 x 5 cm


Wood, Brass

Special features:

Brass pillar




537- 719g

Manufactured and designed by Openhagen. 



1 x instruction manual
1 x headphone stand of one solid piece of wood with a supporting brass pillar

You will receive your product in solid eco-friendly packaging material. Your headphone stand is covered in foam.



A. To clean the wood, please wipe with a brush or a clean towel. 

If you have chosen the StandByMe with an oiled finish, please continue reading. The solid wood is treated with a waterproof and environmentally friendly wood wax oil, which is durable and long-lasting. We advise you to re-coat the wood every one or two years to maintain it. 



A. The headphone stand fits most on-ear headphones headsets on the market. If you are in doubt, please write to us at You can also use the chat function (look for the Messenger symbol at the bottom right)



A. StandByMe is made of solid wood with a top 'cut' to secure your headphones. Place then decorative headphone stand on an even and level surface and in a stable position before placing your headphones on the stand.  

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