11 Types of Helpful Ukulele Accessories

There are several accessories available for ukuleles that can enhance your playing experience and help you take care of your instrument. Here are some popular ukulele accessories:

Ukulele Case or Gig Bag:

A case or gig bag is essential for protecting your ukulele during transportation. It provides padding and shields your instrument from scratches, bumps, and other damage.

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Ukulele Tuner:

A small device designed to help you tune your ukulele accurately. You can find clip-on tuners that attach to the headstock or smartphone apps that use the device's microphone to detect the pitch and guide you in tuning.

Ukulele Wall Mount:

With our HangWithMe Ukulele Wallmount you can showcase your love for music. Its Collapsible feature you can turn it into a decorative item, when not in use.

Ukulele Strings:

Strings wear out over time, so it's good to have spare sets of ukulele strings. You can choose from different materials like nylon or fluorocarbon, depending on your preference and playing style.

Ukulele Strap:

It fastens to the body of the ukulele and offers support, making it simpler to hold and play the instrument when standing.

Ukulele Picks:

Picks, or plectrums, can be used to strum the ukulele strings instead of using your fingers. They come in various thicknesses and materials, such as felt or plastic. Experimenting with picks can help you achieve different tones and playing styles.


The open strings of a ukulele can be tuned differently by using a capo, which is a device that clamps onto the instrument's neck. You may play in different keys without having to change your finger placements thanks to it.

Ukulele Stand:

A ukulele stand provides a safe and convenient way to store your instrument when you're not playing it.

It keeps the ukulele upright, preventing it from accidentally falling and getting damaged.


Ukuleles, especially those made of solid wood, can be affected by changes in humidity.

A ukulele humidifier helps maintain optimal humidity levels inside the instrument's body, preventing it from drying out or cracking.

Cleaning and Maintenance Products:

Cleaning your ukulele regularly helps keep it in good condition. You can use specialized ukulele cleaning solutions, microfiber cloths, and fretboard conditioners to keep the instrument clean and moisturized.

Ukulele Strap Buttons:

Strap buttons are small attachments that can be installed on the ukulele's body to secure the strap more securely.

They provide additional stability and prevent the ukulele from slipping off the strap.

These are just a few examples of ukulele accessories available on the market.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may find other accessories that suit your playing style or help you maintain your ukulele.