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StayWithMe attaches to your guitar when you’re not playing. The secret is Japanese nanotechnology which uses millions of microscopic suction cups. The nanosuction material only attaches to smooth surfaces and doesn't attach to skin. It allows you to make a fast switch between fingerstyle and strumming.

  • Attachable surface
  • Re-use again and again
  • Easy cleaning: Washable surface - wipe over with water
  • Fast switch between fingerstyle and strumming
  • Danish and functional design


2 x 3 cm


 Matte Delrin, nanosuction

Special features:

Japanese nanosuction


0,46 - 0,71 - 0,81 - 0,88 - 0,96 - 1,2 mm


1 g (x 4)

Designed and manufactured by Openhagen. Patent-pending. 

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